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    Tomato Puree 29 oz.can 3
    Tomato Paste 7 oz. can 3
    Finley chopped garlic large cloves 15
    pork neck bones lb 2
    2 oz. Meat Balls cooked (see recipe) each 36
    fresh parsley chopped tbls 3
    bay leaf each 2
    salt tbls 3
    Dry Basil tbls 4
    oregano tsp 1
    black pepper tbls 1
    sugar tsp 1
    Water gallon 1
    olive oil blend oz 4


In a skillet season the pork with salt and pepper then brown in the olive oil . When the meat is browned remove from skillet. In a 3 gallon sauce pot with a heavy bottom scrape the meat infused oil from the skillet that the meat browned in and add the garlic and caramelize .Add the oregano and the paste then stir until the ingredients are evenly incorporated. Cook the paste with the oregano (rubbed) for 3 minutes continuously stirring as not to burn.Add the puree. Rinse all of the cans including the paste can with hot water (1gallon) until each can is completely clean of tomato product.Add all of the rest of the seasonings and meats. Cook to a boil then simmer for 2 hours.Note: Do not burn the sauce. The sauce has full flavor when it set over night. Good for 3 Sunday dinners for 6 guests.